It’s almost the end of January!!!!! So, what does that mean?  Well, for some of us it means that our gym is still going to be way busier than we like for the next couple of weeks.  For others, it means that it is time to focus and make a change.  Finally, it is the time where some who started January strong start to get discouraged and maybe give up.  Either way we should all strive to support each other because fitness is a journey and not a straight-line journey that’s for sure.  It looks a little something like this for me…

Notice the VERY slight upwards trend, this was intentional as its how my journey has been.  I have had lots of ups, downs, injuries, cheats, and a few successes.  Fitness is not about being better than everyone or even anyone.  Its about trying to improve yourself and be healthier and happier.  I have clients that struggle to lose weight, sure they want a chiseled body (who doesn’t?)  but we focus on their success in order to improve their struggle and keep them motivated.  Things like strength, muscle gain, performance and mood are all often overlooked but at the end of the day they are some main reasons that people start to work out.

So in closing I have a challenge for everyone…

 If you are a gym rat (said with endearment) who cant wait for these “new years resolutioners” to get the heck out and stop doing bicep curls in your autographed squat rack, then I challenge you to have a paradigm shift and maybe go out of your way to help encourage and motivate someone in a positive way.  You never know how you could improve someone’s life when they need it the most.

If you started your January strong and haven’t seen much results and your ready to trade your dumbbells for a burger, DON’T.  You’ve already completed the hardest task, which is getting started.  Keep going and you will see results, focus on success like performance and capability.

Finally, if you haven’t started yet, then there is no better time.  If I had started my business journey five years ago, I could be a millionaire but that doesn’t mean that if I start my business today,  then I will never be a millionaire.  You know the old saying the best time to start something was yesterday, the second-best time is today!

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope that whatever type of gym persona you may have that this inspired you to pursue something and better yourself in someway.

Matt- VP of Positivity

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