This is one of those blogs that I could put into multiple categories; fitness, business, everyday life etc.  Staying on track with anything can sometimes be a greater challenge than the task you are trying to complete.  I am currently sitting in a tire shop having new summers put on, I was hoping to get another season out of them but when they are bald it may not be the best idea.  I am starting to get very focused on a few things; my workouts, diet, and business. 

The WORK OUTS…  Over the past few weeks I have for the first time, in a long time, been sticking to the same workout plan vs creating a new one every week… And I LOVE IT!!!  WHY?? I am seeing very measurable improvements in the lifts.  This has allowed me a little extra motivation to keep on pushing to that next level and going up in weight and feeling good about it.  So my little piece of advice for staying on track with workouts is this… TRACK what you are doing in the gym, it may be a little extra work but it will help keep you more consistent, and me keep you a little more on track.

The DIET…  Now, full disclosure, this is where I really struggle.  Mon-Fri I typically have a great diet and loose a couple of lbs.  Then comes the weekend, parties, get togethers, or even just hanging out with my wife can lead to a drink or two, or sometimes 10 hahha.  With the drinks comes the food, and sometimes even without the drinks.  This past weekend was the best I’ve done in a long time!!! WHY??? You guessed it, I wrote down and tracked everything I ate…religiously.  I was much more aware and therefore much stricter.  Your actionable item for this?  Try tracking your diet, even if you do it loosely you may be a little less likely to reach for that snack.

The Business

This is where I have personally been slacking on the tracking… If you’re reading this out loud then that rhymed, and it was awesome haha.  I gave advice to a friend the other day who at the age of 35 is going back to finish school, super proud of him, its never too late.  He is doing several online courses that require a lot of self discipline to ensure that you stay on track and don’t fall behind as all the work is on your own.  I said “grab a scheduler and map out the times that you will be working on homework, track what you want to do and what you actually do.  This way you will know exactly where you are in the course and will be less likely to procrastinate and fall behind.”  He agreed and thanked me for the advice.  After the conversation I realized that I had not been recently following my own advice, and you guess it, had been procrastinating on things in the business.  Guess what I started doing again… and guess what lead to me creating this blog post.

In Summary, TRACKing can be a great way to stay on TRACK!!!… ooo bad joke, BUT ITS TRUE!! When its written its real!!

  1. Love this blog!! It’s so true, tracking holds you accountable and to embarrassed to see another cheat meal tracked lol! -Love Mrs. Zakski

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