Today is going to be a VERY brief explanation on what myofascial compression aka “rolling” is all about.  Rolling is great for both pre and post workout and has a couple of different benefits for both. 

Pre-workout benefits as told by Trigger Point

  • Increase tissue tolerance
  • Optimizes length-tension relationship (increases ROM)
  • More efficient movement
  • Increases force output (power/strength)
  • Decrease heart rate

Post-workout benefits

  • Flush tissue
  • Create pliability
  • Recovery process begins

Great, there are some benefits and reasons to do it… but what is it?  Well, essentially foam rolling is like giving yourself a massage, without the price tag.  You apply pressure to the tissue and “roll” against a roller, a big solid tube-like object as depicted below, or other more specific devices such as a lacrosse or tennis ball.

Applying this pressure will increase blood flow, open pathways in the body that help our brain send signals, and sometimes hurt like hell.  It is important to use the appropriate roller for your level.  Someone like myself who has extensive experience can tolerate something much harder than something a beginner can.  I use a piece of PVC pipe for example, where I start new users off with a soft piece of foam, and that can still be painful. 

Here are some video links for some simple techniques

Foot Calves Hamstrings Glutes Adductors

The sound isn’t great on the first video but the others are better! You can also check them out on facebook and instagram.

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